The Best Powered Budget Speakers – In-depth Comparison

In recent years powered speakers have made great progress in terms of sound and build quality giving even picky audiophiles an extra option in their audio setups. The obvious advantage is they are easy to hook up to almost all devices without the need of an amplifier or receiver in between. Nowadays you don’t have … Read more

The 5 Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers

There are a lot of reason to go for a nice pair of bookshelf speakers instead of all other options out there such as bluetooth speakers, tower speakers or wireless multiroom speakers. They are often the perfect addition to any existing audio setup, simply by hooking them up to your receiver, computer or turntable creating … Read more

The 6 Best White Turntables – (In-Depth Comparison)

So you might be looking for the best white turntable? More people nowadays take design into consideration when buying a turntable. And rightfully so, because when spending a good amount of money why not also look for something that can fit into your anterior and be a centerpiece in any room. Turntable manufactures are noticing … Read more

The Best Wooden Turntables

Best Wooden Turntables

Vinyl is living a second youth. We live in a time where finding and playing your favorite music is easier than ever. De streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music can be played from any device anywhere. Yet the world of vinyl has been on the rise since 2007. This is for a large … Read more

Best Budget Preamps – Great Turntable Companions

Vinyl is on the rise again, not only with audiophiles but also for the everyday music enthusiasts. Part of the appeal is reverting back to materialism, feeling your music and with that building a great audio setup, a preamp is an important part of this setup. Now you might already own a record player or … Read more

The Best USB Turntables (and how to use them)

The record player has been around for more than 150 years! And, while its features have changed a lot the basics of the device have remained the same: it plays records! And to us and a lot of other vinyl enthusiasts, the process of picking a record, placing it carefully on the turntable, putting the … Read more

The Best Cheap Turntables. (Only Quality, No Crosley)

Good cheap turntables are hard to get. Vinyl has made a remarkable revival and the record players that play them have returned to the mainstream market as well. And in the age of streaming and downloading, millennials are now more and more craving the materialistic feel that once was. That vintage feel of the ’60s … Read more

The Best Beginner Turntables

Streaming music is more popular than ever, with Spotify and Apple Music available on almost all devices. However, at the same time vinyl is making a comeback in a big way also termed as the vinyl revival. The rise is happening since 2007 and is still breaking new records such as outselling CDs for the … Read more