The Best Cheap Turntables. (Only Quality, No Crosley)

Good cheap turntables are hard to get. Vinyl has made a remarkable revival and the record players that play them have returned to the mainstream market as well. And in the age of streaming and downloading, millennials are now more and more craving the materialistic feel that once was. That vintage feel of the ’60s … Read more

The Best Beginner Turntables

Streaming music is more popular than ever, with Spotify and Apple Music available on almost all devices. However, at the same time vinyl is making a comeback in a big way also termed as the vinyl revival. The rise is happening since 2007 and is still breaking new records such as outselling CDs for the … Read more

Best Record Players for the Money (Best Value)

The nostalgic vinyl, which everyone assumed was long gone, actually didn’t go anywhere and is back with a bang. As the world of music changed massively with music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, the retro vinyl that belonged to a niche audience became mainstream. Read more about the reasons for the return … Read more