About Record Sound Pro

Record Player Mistakes you should Avoid

Our goal is to help you explore the world of audio and vinyl. We want to help everyone, from beginners to audiophiles and everything in between by providing them with information, tips and guides. We use our experience, on-hand expertise and reliable sources to provide you with most practical information.

Our Story

As I founder of Record Sound Pro I came in contact with vinyl records from a young age, my grandpa collected them. But it wasn’t till years letter in my twenties when I rediscovered the world of vinyl and audio. Ever since I bought my first turntable I was hooked. The feeling of searching and discovering new records or that one record you were looking for is indescribable. It is also the fact that you have something material in your closet, a peice of art actually. Also the fact that you actually need to do some work to have your entertainment. And don’t get me wrong, I also have a Spotify subscription and wireless audio speakers in every corner of the house, but vinyl with all its perks and quirks just feels more special. 

After buying my first turntable, a Crosley like many beginners…. I fast came to the conclusion that I really had no knowledge. First of all, it turned out that the turntable was made of such low-quality materials that it could damage records after 40 hours of playing time, and it did in the end. So after that, I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice and did a lot of research choosing my replacement. This is when I fell in love with the vinyl, turntables, and audio in general. 

I came to the conclusion that actual useful information was not widely available and that reviews on sites like Amazon were really limited and not describing the full experience. But above all, I really missed tips on what to look for when buying a turntable or how to properly set up your turntable.  Also, it was lacking good in-depth guides on what to choose within certain price ranges. These are the reasons why I started Record Sound Pro.

Our Process

Nowadays, we focus on creating the best instructional articles, buying guides and general tips and tricks. After having reviewed a ton of record players, preamps, amplifiers and speakers we know what is out there in the market and what to look for. When reviewing we try to:

  • Be as objective as possible.
  • Think of all possible users, from beginner to expert.
  •  Research the track record of the device after long term use.
  • Combine hands-on experience with expert research.
  • Take price as an important factor when reviewing.