U-Turn Orbit Plus Review – (Including a High-End Cartridge)

U-Turn Otbit Plus Review

As I have talked about before, U-Turn is a special brand within the turntable landscape. First of all, the brand is American based in Massachusetts meaning you are supporting locally made products. All the turntables are actually handmade and signed by the employee that assembled it. But besides that personal touch, the brand remains affordable … Read more

Stanton T.62 MKII Review – Great Budget (DJ) Turntable?

You might be looking for a great budget turntable, or a basic turntable or one of the better direct drive turntable. But, for such a reasonable price there must be compromises when using the Stanton T.62? A quick glance at the turntable shows a direct-drive turntable, a lot of features, and a decent professional feel … Read more

The Best USB Turntables (and how to use them)

The record player has been around for more than 150 years! And, while its features have changed a lot the basics of the device have remained the same: it plays records! And to us and a lot of other vinyl enthusiasts, the process of picking a record, placing it carefully on the turntable, putting the … Read more

Record Player Mistakes you should Avoid

Record Player Mistakes you should Avoid

Now that vinyl is not only surviving but actually thriving in the digital age it also attracts a whole lot of new vinyl lovers. And at the point when you first begin to collect records you’re probably going to commit a couple of mistakes. However, because of our experience in the world of vinyl we … Read more

How to Determine the Value of Your Record Player

Vinyl has made an amazing comeback, people are actually calling it the vinyl revival. The devices with which we play music have changed rapidly in recent decades, from CD to MP3 to online streaming. Yet vinyl has a certain charm, which still attracts music lovers from all over the world. It is therefore very logical … Read more

The Future of Vinyl Records

Do you still have your old vinyl records? Tens of years after the heyday of the LP there is a real vinyl revival going on. Sales have risen each year since 2007; the more streaming services are created, the more there is a need for a physical counterpart, or so it seems. LPs go like … Read more

How Long Do Turntable Needles Last?

This is a difficult question to answer as the endurance of a record player needle can range a lot.  It depends on many factors such as what material they are made of, in what condition the records are, the weight of the tonearm and what is done in terms of maintenance. But generally speaking, a … Read more

The Best Cheap Turntables. (Only Quality, No Crosley)

Good cheap turntables are hard to get. Vinyl has made a remarkable revival and the record players that play them have returned to the mainstream market as well. And in the age of streaming and downloading, millennials are now more and more craving the materialistic feel that once was. That vintage feel of the ’60s … Read more