The Future of Vinyl Records

Do you still have your old vinyl records? Tens of years after the heyday of the LP there is a real vinyl revival going on. Sales have risen each year since 2007; the more streaming services are created, the more there is a need for a physical counterpart, or so it seems. LPs go like hotcakes over the counter, even outselling CD’s for the first time and there are many reasons to believe that there is a big future for these vintage gems. Or is that not the case? 

The real experience

The physical characteristics of vinyl records are certainly one of the reasons for their contemporary popularity. No matter how easy it is to stream music online, it sometimes lags behind the ‘real experience’. People want to buy something they can hold. A cover to watch while they sit in a chair listening to the music on the record. It has something. Remove the ritual of the record from the cover, place it on the record player, insert the needle and turn the record over when the music is stopped. Many vinyl record fans claim that you can feel the music better when listening to an LP, as opposed to listening to an audio file. It is as if you can connect to it more. What do you think?

Collecting Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are fantastic collectibles; the sentiment that you link to certain albums increases the pleasure of collecting, and because the interest in vintage vinyl records is still growing, it can also be a nice investment. The first editions of an album from the country of origin can be particularly valuable. These are often made in a limited edition and are therefore rare. Look for other limited and special editions, especially if they are in good condition. Therefore you have to keep your vinyl collection in great condition. Or start building a collection of signed vinyl records. For example, the Beatles’ ‘Help’ album is signed by Lennon, McCartney and Harrison making it very valuable.


An Artwork

Vinyl sheets can also be attractive because of their cover; an artwork of 30 x 30 cm for your bookshelf. The design is often creative and beautiful, and sometimes even more famous than the music on the album! Take Andy Warhol. He designed the cover of the album from The Velvet Underground & Nico, with a banana that you could peel on it. If you happen to have an unpeeled edition of this album, then you have a real gem. These are in fact rare and highly sought after.

Records themselves are not the only thing that can be work of art, the record players themselves are also getting creative designs. They really can be a great centerpiece within any room. For example for a vintage or modern room, you could take look at our buy guide on the best wooden turntables. Or take a look at individual reviews such as the minimalistic U-Turn Audio Orbit plus, the modern Denond DP 400 or the wooden Fluance RT82.

The Future of Vinyl

Vinyl records may be vintage, but they are certainly not a dusty history. Many manufacturers even produce turntables and thus keep the vinyl record market alive. Amazing brands such as U-Turn, Audio Technica, Rega, and Sony that we feature in guides such as the best beginner turntables or the best valued turntables. So is there a future for these records? Most collectors and experts think so – despite all the digital streaming services we have today. Or maybe it is precisely because of the digital files that we long for something physical. Something to hold in your hands as part of a simple evening ritual. And of course, vintage items are generally attractive; they are interesting, rare and unique.

So don’t hesitate to start collecting vinyl records today; it gives you a great feeling and can also be profitable! Look at our Vinyl record auction or register to become a seller if you want to sell a number of special LPs.

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