Fluance RT82 Review – The Perfect Beginner or Budget Turntable?

Since vinyl is back in fashion we’re all restoring our grans’ old decks from the attics, replacing them, or buying our first one. In the heat of nostalgia, turntables sales have grown exponentially, and this might be just the right time for you to purchase your new record-player and upgrade your stereo system. Fluance has been manufacturing audio products since 1999 and has grown to become a major brand in the home audio industry. Following the new market tendency, Fluance is introducing new record-players aiming to achieve the quality of a pure analog sound. For this review, we’ve chosen their “entry-level” turntable: the Fluance RT82.

Our Verdict

Fluance RT82

Type: Belt Driven || Speed: 33, 45 RPM || System: Semi-Automatic || Cartridge: Ortofon OM10 || Preamp: No


» Sound Quality. It features a great cartridge, especially for an “entry-level” device.
» Top-quality materials: a wooden plinth and aluminum tonearm.
» Belt-driven systems are better isolated.
» An isolated speed control motor


» It doesn’t have a built-in pre-amp. Especially if this is your first record player, you’ll need to buy one separately.
» The auto stop system is a bit tricky as it has a delay of about 30 seconds.

Design And Build Quality

The Fluance RT82’s design resembles that of the classic record players – my grandfather’s one was just like this a wooden cabinet on rubber adjustable feet, and a metal platter covered by a rubber mate, and a transparent top. We could describe it best as a good looking vintage design, one that can fit perfectly in any environment and any interior. If you are specifically looking for a wooden turntable you can also look into our best wooden turntables guide where you will find other models.

The materials used are quite premium. A highly precise metal platter (with a rubber mat) is placed on top of the wooden plinth. These, together with the adjustable resonance-dumping feet, isolate the plate from micro-vibration in order to provide the clearest resonance-free sound.

The Fluance RT82 features the Stylus 10 by Ortofon a well-known -mechanical powerhouse. And since the cartridge is picking up the source of the sound it really makes a big difference in terms of sound quality.


Belt-driven turntable

While in direct-drive turntables the motor is mounted directly beneath the platter,  with belt-driven turntables the motor isn’t directly connected to the platter but located beside it. The motor spins a flywheel that is connected to the platter through a belt. This might seem more complicated than the direct-driven system, but it actually provides better isolation of the platter from the vibration of the motor.

Semi-automatic system

The Fluance RT82 is a semi-automatic turntable. Unlike fully automatic record players that lift the tonearm from its resting position and lower it onto the record, with a semi-automatic turntable you have to manually place the needle on the record. But when the record is over, just like automatic models, a lift automatically picks up the tonearm and shuts off the table. The Fluance RT82, though, works a little differently. When the record is over, the table stops spinning after about 30 seconds, and you have to manually bring the tonearm back to its resting position. Pretty convenient for when you want to fall asleep while listening to music.

Speed Control Motor

The Fluance RT82’s motor features speed regulations optical sensors: they continually measure the variation in linear velocity and acceleration and adjust these parameters to provide a wow and flutter of 0.07%. The wow and flutter is a good indication for speed fluctuations. Possible speed variations, in fact, can cause flattening in pitch with sour notes (wow) and garbled notes with sharpening in pitch (flutter). The Fluance RT82’s speed control system prevents these frequency fluctuations.

Ortofon OM10

The Fluance RT82 features the OM10 Cartridge by Ortofon, a well-known and world-leading cartridge manufacturer. The OM10 Cartridge traces the grooves of the records with elliptical diamond’s facets providing an accurate and precise sound. The sound doesn’t have any coloration or disturbance, it feels natural and has that warm touch of the analog sound.

Speed Settings

Through the knob located on the plinth, you can choose between 33 RPM and 45 RPM, which are the speeds the Fluance RT82 can play. Through the same knob you can also switch the system off.

No Built-in Pre-amp

The Fluance RT82 doesn’t feature a built-in pre-amp so, if this is your first turntable, you’ll have to purchase one separately. We have made our own list of what we consider to be the best budget preamps on the market.

Audio Output

The Fluance RT82 features analog RCA audio output. This is basically all you can find on the back of the device: the two red and white (left and right) audio connectors and the ground terminal. A small lever through which you can choose of activating or disabling the auto-stop system is also located next to the power connector (DC 12V/0.5A).

Setup and Sound


After purchasing, you’ll need to assemble and set up your new Fluance RT82. Now this isn’t difficult, it requires just some patience. The turntable comes with a detailed manual that explains how to set up your new record player step-by-step. First you’ll need to assemble the cabinet, the platter with its rubber mate, and the rubber belt. The aluminum tonearm requires a bit of calibration which explained clearly. Nothing of it is too hard, but you have to spend some time setting up your new system. If you set it up correctly, your new Fluance RT82 will provide some amazing sound quality.

Sound Quality

The Fluance RT82 provides an excellent sound quality, with all the nuance of the analog sound. Taking into consideration that this turntable is considered an entry-level and that it’s super affordable, the sound quality it provides is this record player’s best feature.

For a large part, this is due to the OM10 Cartridge by Ortofon which is a premium cartridge that is rather transparent in its sound but still gives that warm analog sound most vinyl enthusiasts are looking for, a great combination.


Especially if we take into consideration the Fluance RT82’s price, and the fact that it is considered an entry-level device, its quality is excellent under any point of view: construction, design, sound quality, and durability. This is the best purchase for those who are just starting appreciating the vinyl world and nuance.

Buying Option

Fluance RT82

Type: Belt Driven || Speed: 33, 45 RPM || System: Semi-Automatic || Cartridge: Ortofon OM10 || Preamp: No

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