How Much Does a Turntable Weigh? – (Including Examples)

The weight of a turntable can be more important then you think. Of course, it matters when you are trying to transport the device when moving or maybe brining it over to friends and family just to play some records. But more often than not a heavier turntable can indicate a premium quality because of heavier components and materials like an acrylic platter help in reducing resonance. So how much does a turntable actually weigh?

Most decent turntables will weigh around 15 to 20 lbs. Small portable turntables, often within a suitcase, can weigh as little as 5 lbs, and some of the larger turntables can weigh up to 25 lbs. But most turntables fall in the middle of these two extremes.

If you also want to transport your record collection besides your turntable we also recommend you reading our article on ‘how much does a vinyl record weigh?’.

Examples: The weight of different turntables

Just to give you an idea of the weight of a turntable we have listed a few of the most common models in today’s market. The description and photo should give you a good indication if you want to find out the weight of your particular turntable

Crosley Cruiser II: 5.5 pounds

The Crosley Cruiser II is a very popular turntable, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. The casing is mostly made out of plastic and the platter is also not the highest quality. This results in this turntable being the lightest out of the list proving that weight can be a good indication in terms of turntable quality.


Audio Technica LP60X: 8 pounds

The Audio Technica LP60X is the only budget turntable under 150 dollars we would recommend and comes in at just 8 pounds. It shows that lighter turntables will often be more in the budget range. The aluminum case is well built but we still prefer other materials. We have reviewed it in our best cheap turntables list.




U-Turn Orbit Special: 17 pounds

The U-Turn Orbit is exemplary of the modern design turntable. With it casing made from one piece of natural wood and few components, it comes in at 17 pounds total. This turntable is more high-end in its components. We have reviewed the U-Turn Orbit Special in-depth here.


Audio Technica AT-LP120: 23 pounds

The Audio Technica AT-LP120 is an often mentioned favorite on this site and comes in at 23 pounds. The case is made from aluminum which helps to lower the weight but this is a direct drive turntable so it holds a bit more components. We have reviewed it in our best direct-drive turntables list.


What to consider when it comes to turntable weight

In general, weight should not be your motivation when buying a turntable but as mentioned above it can be a good indicator of the quality represented within the device. Often more premium materials like natural wood, acrylic and metals simply are heavier than plastic and thin aluminum. 

If the weight is an important factor to you anyway because you would for example transport the turntable often I would recommend never going with a suitcase turntable, while they might look cool and have a lower weight, more often than not the quality and endurance will lack far behind the most basic turntables of quality brands like Audio Technica, Denon or U-Turn. If you want to know more you can dive into our article on what different aspects of to look for when buying a turntable. You can also dive right into some buyers guides below.

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